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2009 Blog Translations // KEITA: 2010-06-18
Cherry Blossoms
chirupon wrote in w_inds_fanclub
For year 2009 blog translations (and a few Photobook translations) click here.  If more members join, I will translate some more myself.  (I need to practice, anyway. :P) I'm surprised I understood so much actually. xD If anyone understands Japanese, feel free to correct me.  I'm not fluent- I started learning Japanese in high school.


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A couple days ago, I went to World's Fair Shanghai for work!*
It was enormous!
Really, it's too enormous!
I want to go private... **
And everyone who came to support Shanghai and Hunan, thank you.
(I actually can't read this, something about it being fun.)***
And during the last day, we played in the room!


During the soccer game there was a huge rising.
Later, since we are going to the October live, we will do it with pleasure!
Until we meet again, ne!

Translation Notes:
*-The direct translation is "Shanghai Internation Exposition," but what he's talking about is the World Expo or World's Fair.  A different city is picked each year (2010 was Shanghai) and the country basically puts a lot of time and money making a cultural festival. 
**-He literally says, "private" ("puraiveto"), I don't know if he means a private jet, or if he wanted to go on the trip privately, and not for work.
***-Someone please translate this sentence. xD



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