Keita Tachibana Praises TVXQ's Changmin
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“J-pop star Keita Tachibana (of w-inds fame) praised TVXQ’s Changmin through Twitter on February 26th for the strong improvement in the Korean idol’s singing ability. The star wrote:

“Though it’s coming from me, Changmin’s high notes are effortless and his voice has become deep and fine. He must’ve practiced a considerable amount this year to produce such a voice. People who notice this clear improvement in [Changmin's] performance will get chills. Conversely, those who continue to sing without further development don’t stir up any feelings [in their listeners].”

Though TVXQ is now comprised of two members, Changmin and Yunho, they’ve been getting more attention than ever, and it sounds like Changmin’s hard work and perseverance are paying off! Keep it up!” (Tokyohive)
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